Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today is my DUE date.

today is 6th march 2008.
today supposedly is my baby's due date.
but he ain't coming out yet.

so i took my mum to ioi mall.
we went for last minute shopping, baby's stuff.
i bought a yellow bag for baby's traveling stuff,
i bought a yellow POOH comb
i bought a baby nail clipper
and, mama bought 2 bottle of baby powder.

p/s: for my dearest Sarah, gud luck for your exam.hope u'll doing great ( which i know u always did, :p). thx for ur number. i'll sms u once i deliver. ( or once i'm on the way to the hospital). i'm still waiting for the sign from baby. hari2 azrin tanya baby bile baby nak kuar. hehehe....

still waiting for the sign.....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm officially 25 years old today~!

-:: and 2 days to my due date ::-

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