Thursday, December 10, 2009

this is it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our New Toy

Finally we bought a new toy! on our own!

although it's not so new, but we heart it so much.

hint :
240bhp, Invecs-II, 4G63T DOHC 2.0L Turbo powered sports SUV.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dah lama tak blog.

sebab..dah tersangkut kat tumblr.

hooray! a almost-good-news buat papa mama adik beman

kakak nak balik 23 dec ~ duk seminggu

yay!! mama kena masak asam pedas, kari ketam, etc etc untuk menggemukkan kakak yang dah kurus ni...

nnt kak buat cheese cupcake utk beman ok?

Monday, November 2, 2009

bila jejaka beraksi

bile masing-masing dah malas nak patah balik, maka berhimpit la empat jejaka tampan, di mana 2 dari mereka adalah plus size.


nasib akasia dekaaaat aje.

nasib ko la hairi budak dari bumi nade tu tak perasan aksi ko ni HAHAHAHAHA klu tak sure jatuh saham ko tuh.

what's on my fridge

cuba cari satu gambar yang lain kat situ?
nampak tak?
perasan tak?

tak perasan?

taa~ daa~
gambar tokwan sarah (papa)
gambar ni sarah pick out dari album & nak letak kat sini
gambar tokma dia belum letak lagi

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scam ke betul betul ni?

sejak akhir-akhir ni, org perasan banyak pulak website penny auction kat mesia ni.
cthnya :

ni kire macam judi ke erk? mau nye tak geram ko tgk, DSLR leh menang RM60+, iPhone RM30+ etc etc etc
klu korang nak cekidaut sukati korang lah...

aku sure leh menang aku pun nak jugak..
sape tanak beli sume tu pada harga jauuuuuuuhhhhh lagi murah dari harga pasaran

wish list ku
DSLR brand paling dipercayai
iPhone paling latest



aku suka blog baru aku

credit : StreetDirectory

An online auction website provides a platform for consumers to buy and sell almost anything in a virtual marketplace.

Online shopping and auction websites have seen phenomenal growth over recent years and are becoming increasingly popular. Although there are certainly a number of factors that attribute to the phenomenal uptake of Online Auctions, one of the reasons for its increased popularity is undeniably related to the fact that consumers thrive on adrenalin. Once bidders get hooked on the sense of winning and scoring a bargain, they very often start to become addicted to the counter-strike syndrome.

One online bidder confessed that after only 30 wins, he had become addicted to online auctions. Another bidder sheepishly admits that she is becoming addicted to Online Auctions and often wakes up during the very early hours of the morning to make sure that she wins her bids. To ensure that she does not miss out on her win she lines up all her PC's and laptops and then just before the auction is about to end she enters her final bid amount just split seconds before the auction ends. She then hits the enter key on every one of her computers (which she probably bought on bulk at an online auction) to make sure that she gets her final bids in before anyone else has the opportunity to. (That is of course if they were even awake at that ungodly hour.) Has she never heard of an automatic bid feature?

Bidding just got easier: Most auction websites have the automatic bid feature which is a fantastic little invention that bids on behalf of bidders if a bidder is not able to be online during the auction or is unable to track the auction. This feature allows bidders to just sit back and let the automatic bid do the bidding for them so that they do not have to wake up at 3am in the morning to bid on their most desired items. It bids on a particular item with the specified bid increment amount to meet the current highest bid amount. It will bid on the bidder's behalf only up to the amount that has been specified as the maximum that the buyer is willing to pay for the item. This does not mean that it immediately increases the bid amount to the maximum amount that has been specified; instead it will bid higher only to meet the current highest bid amount. The bidder enters the maximum bid amount and clicks on the bid now button. The system then bids for them the moment someone else has outbid them or at the end of the auction in order to meet the reserve price. Every time the automatic bid feature places a bid on behalf of a bidder, the bidder is notified by email communication.

So why do people become addicted to Online Auctions? As technology advances and man continues to thrive on many things that he can devour wholeheartedly, it is only natural that a certain form of addiction may arise. We are not talking about some substance abuse; rather we are referring to the type of addiction in the form of a compulsion or an urge to continuously repeat actions often with very little regard for the consequences that may follow. Online shopping is not only incredibly convenient, it is fun too. Participating in and winning an Online Auction is a very rewarding experience. In an auction, you can never actually purchase an item unless you have won it in a bid. The highest bidder wins the auction.

Most Online Auction websites participate within very close-knit community environments. This community gives rise to a sense of belonging and recognition amongst this group and may also offer some people a place to release their tensions or enable them to deviate from unpleasant things. A form of retail therapy takes charge and offers a certain level of relief. So, if you are generally very competitive by nature, then the process of bidding in an auction may become very addictive. Their is an overwhelming sense of achievement and success in winning a bid. Often this may leave you with an urge of wanting more.

Auction Caution: Auctions only really become addictive once the person involved can no longer control his urge or feelings. Auction websites encourage their bidders to be aware of the potential warning signs of developing auction addiction. These may include having to place excessively ludicrous bids in order to achieve a desired level of adrenalin or excitement; becoming preoccupied with auctions even when busy with something completely different; lying to family to conceal the extent of your online bidding (denial); feeling restless when trying to cut back on your auction activity; using auctions as a way to escape problems or to intentionally increase your self-esteem through winning; where a relationship has been jeapordised through your ongoing bidding activities; and most importantly, if you have engaged in any unethical or illegal activity to finance your online activities.

You're not obsessed if you're simply just smart! One of the best things about auctions is that people can find the rarest, the cheapest and the most extraordinary items at affordable prices. No wonder why nearly 80% of the people interviewed in a certain survey have stated that they are willing to buy their items through auctions. In an article published by IOL, Mary Jean Smith, a television producer, said she was addicted to online shopping. "It's divine. It really makes life easier. Now I can spend more time with my children," she said.

Don't be concerned that you might be labeled as an auction addict if you are simply just wise to the fact that there are bargains to be found online. There is a clear difference between a wise buyer and an addictive one. Happy online shopping.

urk? ark? Tumblr


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ooo sayang

rasa sayang hei~
rasa sayang sayang hei~

kenapa aku sayang kamu?

Pots of Perfection

What's your coke contour glass color?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 52~!!

Aku bangga jadi anak Malaysia~!! (huh?)
Aku lagi bangga jadi anak chief Zainol ;P

Ape sebenarnya erti kemerdekaan?
Adakah mat dan minah rempit yang bermaharajalela di jalan-jalan kuala lumpur pada malam ambang kemerdekaan?
atau, memandu secara merbahaya di hiway tanpa memikirkan pengguna jalan raya yang lain yang ada anak dan laki menunngu di rumah?

merdeka kah kita jika masih dibelenggu hutang?
merdeka kah kita jika masih mempunyai pikiran penjajah?
merdeka kah kita jika perlu membayar RM2.05 untuk minyak yang bagus sedangkan kita ada Petronas?

ntah la...terpulang pada masing2 lah.

merdeka sangatlah tu kalau menjadi kucing-tiru *sila rujuk kes hanis zalikha
dan rakan-rakan
merdeka sangat lah kalau makan pil kuda
merdeka sangat lah kalau dah tengok iklan anti merokok, takut 5 minit pastu keluar pegi beli sekotak dunhill

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

<3 Kenangan berpuasa kat KUiTTHO

Teringat dolu-dolu *cewahhh macam dah tua sangat jerk* masa masih rumaja *hak hak tui geli* , mase time pose kat KUiTTHO tercinta *bukan cinta-sampai -mati*, paling best pegi bazar ramadan 'sewer king' *parit raja daaaaa*...

*sebelum tu teman lelaki (sekarang sudah jadi en asben tercintun.. i lap u~~) ada, so berbuka dengan dia jek - kadang2 je dapat buka dengan ket & kakchik sampai kakchik merajuk ngan aku*

taun ke-4 aku kat sane *en asben dah keje bangi masa ni*, aku pindah duk umah sewa depan seng ann, duk serumah ngan cik liya, dayah, yana, cik ayu & kak fara. ni umah jenis panjang ke belakang dan umah kami paling ujung. dah la ujung, ngadap utan plak tu.malam2 seram jek, gelap.tepi umah ada deretan pokok pisang *ha~~ape korang pikir, ape yang ske duk kat pokok pisang?*, penah masa tu lepas isyak, macam beser la time dinner kan, nak g kedai depan tu makan nasi goreng kampung dia yang mantap tu *royalti plisss - tak sure kedai tu still wujud or not*
tibe2 pokok pisang kat situ bergoyang,sentap la kejap kan.tgk2 tadek org pun kat situ, ape tah lagi monyet, aku ni jenis mls nak pk bukan2 wat dono je la, si aini *umah sebelah* dah cuak pikir bukan2. HAH! DAH LARI TAJUK NI! opsss sowieee..

time aku duk umah sewa ni, mmg paling best! hausmet paling gempak & sporting *aku heart korank taw!* aku ingat lagi, walaupun memasing bizi ngan kelas dan esemen dan bagai, kite tak lupa kengkawan kan kan kan? mesti belikan untuk mereka2 yang sibuk @ tak sibuk tapi malas tapi tunjuk sibuk *hahahah*. selalu yang pegi beli, siapa lagi, aku liya dan dayah. sebab kami ni kaki jalan kat bazar *walaupun penuh dengan kipas-susah-mati bazar yang berbagai bau dan warna*

yang best kat bazar ramadan ni? uishh.. macam-macam, sebut je..dari utara ke selatan, eh? johor memang selatan kan? korang nak nasi kerabu? ada. nasi dagang? ada. tapi biase la mesti ada yang sedap, ada yang kureng. kena pandai pilih la. so, buat anak pantai timur macam aku ni, boleh la nak lepaskan rindu nak mkn makanan tu. yang paling best, kul 12 diorang dah bukak gerai HAHAHA kul 3 dah penuh orang beli air yang siap campur ais *lambat lagi waktu berbuka, kalau ais cair mesti la air jadi tawar kan? so, paham-paham sendiri* yang terdiri dari kalangan yang jejaka gagah-macho-tapi-tak-larat-nak pose-alasan -gastrik. aku paling suka buat 3 round klu pegi sini, 1st round survey harga, keenakan *bukan-sekadar-hiasan* makanan dan kepenuhan orang yang beratur kat gerai tu. 2nd round baru beli dan 3rd round untuk topup ape2 yang rase tak cukup. AKU SUKA!!

dan, acara kemuncak adalah seminggu dua sebelum raya, gerai2 makin bertambah dengan menjual baju raya, seluar jeans raya, tudung raya bla bla bla time ni lah aku pun sakan ikut member2 yang tadek baju raya beli baju * baju aku seharusnya mama ku yang jahit~~~ (^-^)*

bile dah bosan beli kat bazar, kitorang serbu restoran plak. tapi yang tak bestnye, kena book seawal 6pm, klu tak antara dua - tadek tempat or makanan sampai lambat. selalunya makanan kitorang sampai lambat. aku paling suka berbuka kat kedai umah sebelah woksyop tu, kedai feveret sitt. kedai thailand, sebab yg keje situ semua org thai yg mmg tak fasih base melayu tapi makanan dia tip top wa cakap lu~~

bile dah nak masuk waktu berbuka, kitorang kumpul reramai, termasuklah budak umah sebelah pun join umah kitorg * sebab umah kiotrg jek ada tv hohoho.*. mmg riuh dan havoc lah, makan share minum share. dah mcm adik beradik. mmg syok. pas makan, semua bersandar kekenyangan.. pastu terawih....

oh how i miss that time (T_T)

ada tisu! apakah?

semalam macam biase balik amek haziq kat nursery, suka check gua niah dia *lobang idung da*

alamak..manyaknye bijih..kena harvest cepat ni, so sepantas likat amek cotton bud size s slim molim tu dibasahkan dengan air bio aura kat dapur.

papa, pegang haziq cepat! kita mulakan operasi! *macam nak bedah konon*
korek korek, hah kau, keluar seketul besar baik punye..tapi macam ade lagik la...
korek..korek.. eh, ape ni? belek punye belek, itu tisu lah! mane datang ni? APAKAH????????

trus lepas tu, haziq yang bernapas macam ada kahak tebal belakang idung trus bernapas dengan lega.sepi.sunyi.dah tadak gaungan dalaml obang idung nye.sebab tisu ni ke haziq susah sangat nak bernapas?dari mana datangnya tisu ini? jeng jeng jeng..

kitorang memasing dah garu kepala *macam gatal pun* ni nak kena jadi CSI neh, sebab aku tak penah lap idung haziq juga tisu. aku sentiasa guna tuala lembab. hmm... kat nursery kah?

so skang aku dah meragui nursery baru ni, diorg ni sebenar nye capable ke nak jaga baby ramai2 tu? dah la staf sorang jek *+ owner nursery tu + bibik dia

antara-antara kejadian lain yang melibatkan nursery ni :
+ celah peha naik ruam --> sekarang dah mengelupas dan melecet *padan la aku tgk pampers mcm tak luak jek
+ sarah demam teruk *diorg biar je bebudak main tgh panas
+ bila dukung sarah lepas balik dari nursery, sure rasa ringan * diorg ni tak bagi anak aku mkn ke? bila tanya kata mkn byk, klu byk, kenapa bila dia balik rumah mcm kebulur giler?

kepada mama papa yang antar anak2 korang ke nursery gak, ade tak jadi macam ni?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kisah Puasa Saya

Awal lagi ni nak ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadan kepada semua bloggers tegar dan tak berapa tegar seperti diriku ini.

Dua tiga hari ni, aku dengar [Panas]FM, semua duk cerita pasal kisah awal ramadan diorang (dah hari ketiga, haruslah harini da hari ke empat). Maka, dengan itu, aku pun nak citer jugak lah...

Puasa : Hari 1

Jumaat tu ada wat sesi makan-menketedarah-sebelum-ko-diet-sebab-pose-konon, ada la lebih sekotak pizza dan beberapa lauk-pauk (sambal udang petai salah satunya, zasss sedap!)...macam biase, dah 5.30pm, time balik tapi tadek sorang pun nak melayan pizza ngan lauk-lauk yang dah lebih tu..aku pun buat pengumuman yang aku nak amek lauk tu..semua wat dono je, so aku amek la bawak alik untuk en asben kat umah tu... sep dah, tak yah masak lauk sahur heheheh... dinner kitorang mlm tu termasuk lah si mulut becok Sarah, pizza Seafood Supreme ngan garlic bread. Haziq minum susu jek (memang la, dia kan baby lagik~(-_-") )

so, sahur aku bgn 4.30am ngan mata gabak sebab haziq nangis-meraung sekuat hati, banyak kali. nasib la 1st day pose tu hari Sabtu (huhuhuh dengan harapan nak sambung tido lepas subuh)... WEI PANJANG GILER MUKADIMAH! okeh okeh...kembali ke sri pentas...
macam biasa Sarah & Haziq bangun awal. Sarah kenalah breakfast pula...tak pe..biar papa dia handle...maka haruslah budak itu dijamunya roti, biskut dan coklat.

kul 10am baru aku terjaga, tu pun sebab haziq dah boring tido kot, laaa.rupanya dah basah baju dia..pampers bocor lagi...dah ajiq, jgn nangis ..jom turun. tgk2 Sarah dah mandi, papa dia mandikan ..sebab dia "muchuk2" trus mandikan haziq je. dah nak tgh hari, so masakkan lunch untuk sarah mee+kicap+telur rebus. sarah dah mengamuk, sebab dah ngantuk dan nak tido dalam bilik, nak ekon *ish..anak syape ni, asek nak tido dlm ekon jek* perasan sarah macam selsema skit. layan sarh golek2 , pastu korek tinge dia-- pastu korek tinge sendiri dengan penuh kusyuk dah tawaduk *aish..ini pun nak citer ke?* lega kejap sarah dah tido, tapi haziq plak merengek menangis je memanjang - apsal moody lak budak kecik neh???? layan kan aje...dia ni pun same je cam kakak dia, suke lawan mata bile ngantuk. last2 tido gak..
hahaha..lega jap papa & mama dia..

kul 1pm, sarah bangun, kelaparan la trus siapkan lunch dia & bawa dia makan sambil tgk cd Elmo *yg dah tatau brape kali ulang daaa* sambil suapkan dia makan, suap dia, suap aku, suap dia suap aku ---EH MIMIE! KO KAN POSEEEEE~!!!! *aku tersedar sendiri lepas dah mamam dua tiga kali kuning telur tu-padan la macam sedap jekk..* oi oi oi..nasib papa tak perasan..sudah nya aku pegi berkumur giler2 dalam bilik air.baru aku teringat tadi pun siap korek tinger punyer la masyuk ..HAHAHAH

hari ni buka pose kat umah mak - abg pit ngan kak nurul masak mee bandung, so g tapau kuih2 sket jek...

Puasa : Hari 2

ari ni buka sendiri kat umah, kuar g cari barang masak kat pasar kajang berbuka hari ni ialah... KUE TIAW TOMYAM! *tibe2 mengidam nak makan - tadek ape2 ek - saje je mengidam*

petang tu, papa & sarah g beli kuih2,murtabak dan air tebu kat bazar ramadan prima saujana tu.

Puasa : Hari 3

tuuu..tuuttt.. alarmku berbunyi..lalala..*ape hal lak nak menyanyi tibe2 ni*
HAH? dah 5.30am, tgk tempat papa, kosong..papa dah turun sahur rupenye *sob sob, sampai ati papa tak kejut mama* turun2 papa dlm bilik mesyuarat, tanye papa "pa dah sahur ke?" DAH, papa jawap. *sedeyyyy*

trus lepas sahur tu tak tido, sbb takut terlajak lagik. "ma, arini kita buka kfc nak? ma g tapau hehehe *duit aku la tu jawapnyeee (-_-")* ok.

sarah menangis, haziq menangis, tv dah azan.alamak macama mana ni? last2 papa tidokan haziq, ma layan sarah kat meja makan nak bagi dia diam *semenjak selsema+kahak+batuk ni, moody sangat la budak ni* ....haziq dah tido baru lah papa dapat makan berbuka, itu pun dah berjela2 kertas kajang dia membebel marahkan haziq.

konon nak bawa sarah ke klinik, tapi smua tertido zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *padahal baru kul 9pm*

aku sedar2 dah kul 2pg daa..tak pe, gi simpan lauk & set alarm, pastu zzzzz

Puasa : Hari 4

hari ni sahur spesel sket, sebab sahur bersama 4 beranak. papa, mama,sarah dan haziq.
sarah order nasi ngan telur dadar * mama dia yg letakkan-dia makan jek* .heh.

kul 6.40pm sampai rumah.masak nasi.papa beli lauk.

kul 6.50pm papa sampai rumah. "ma, tolong amek air peti, dahagalah"
dah separuh langkah ke dapur, EH! POSE LAH! papa dah gelak2..terkena..

buka makan nasi putih, aym msk merah, paru goreng,aym msk kicap *mak masak*,bubur lambuk*sedap lagik mama masak tau, yg ni siap ada kaler kuning, macam bubur nasi biase je.*kuih 2-3ketul. papa request air oren.siap.

tapi, tv dah azan .sarah terjaga dari tido menangis, haziq takmo tido,dah papa marah2 lagik.aku pun bagila dia air, ngan kurma yusof tayub *org bagi, nak beli tak kuaser-mmg tak penah beli, kompom dapat pree punyer*. baru sejuk ati dia.

dah makan, papa bawa sarah main kat luar tgk bulan dan dog lalu lalang, baru okeh skek mood dia. kul 9.30pm bw dia g klinik, tunggu dekat sejam sebab orang ramai la pulak. dapat ubat batuk, kahak,selsema ngan nasal spray *bagus gak, ubat titik tu sangat leceh dan pasti membazir sebab bukannya titik dapat masuk dalam idung, mesti jatuh ke bantal atau pipi sarah * sampai sarah susu dan makan ubat *sejak akhir2 ni senang batul dia nk mkn ubat -kadang2 tu dia yg offer nak mkn ubat bila dah time*

Puasa : Hari 5

banagun sahur kul 5.15am, perangat nasi 5 minit, lauk semua dah ready, br panggil papa makan.

kul 6am. papa kata masa tido itu emas. aku tanak tido tapi papa kata ada lagi 15minit. sudahnya aku terlajak sampai 6.45am .(T_T)huhu~~~

arini nak buka ape ek? rindunya nak balik umah, tapi tak cukup duit *dan orang - adik, klu akak cop duit dah lama ajak awk balik jugak tau - rindu bubur lambuk mama yang sedap tuuuu~~~*

nota kaki : kalau papa ke, mama ke, papa [saye], or adik baca entry yang geli panjang ni sampai termuntah - ampunkan kami penunggu gua~ ampunkan kami penunggu gua~~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tahniah Kak Chik


kakchik012 : salamz..alhamdulillah..dh slmt b'slin pg boy..3.12kg
me : wtf? peknen diam2..tak bgtau pung..
kakchik012 : mmg le diam..dok dlm prut xpnah ngis pun tau heheheh

waaaa..skang kak chik pun dah joink the ibu-mommy-mama club heh

name : belum ada kot?
baby boy
dob : 17082009
tahniah! leh joink sarah-the-yaya & haziq-d-bomb nanti eh!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tahniah, Adik!

adik dah grad... terharunya campur sedih campur sebak campur abc HAHAHAHA
 munira binti zainol abidin
sarjana muda sains perumahan, bangunan dan perancangan(kepujian)
USM 12 Aug 2009
banyak la ko punyer abc mie sedihnya tak dapat menghadiri konvo adik.. semua ada kecuali kakak ya? akak nangis tau tgk, walaupun hanya live streaming di internet *ya ampun boss,bukannya tak buat kerja, break kejap ja huhuh 
tgk, punye la kakak jakun tgk adik konvo..bertungkus lumus cari software nak save live stream ni tapi, ape kan daya...akak kat opis. ada proxy..ada firewall..ada macam-macam pun nasib baik je diorg tak block web stream ni huhuhu...dah tak boleh, sanggup nak record pakai henpon pulak.. blur tapi asalkan nampak nama adik dan dapat snap gambar adik naik pentas..walaupun nama lagi laju dari org yang nak terima ijazah, by the time adik pegang file tu, dah tukar jadik nama cina la pulak..huhuh
anyway, congrats to u my sis!..pas ni akak janji masa awk konvo master nnt akak dtg bw sarah dan haziq ye... skang ni akak dapat lihat dari jauh jeeee.... huhuh cedihnyewww..
v(^_^")v chaiyuk adik!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


One day in my not-so-free-and-regular at work.

I.O wrote :

Dear Team,


Some initial findings on the system performance issues faced by the SPM Team.

  1. This SPM Free Stock Report was initially scheduled to run at 8pm daily.
  2. Previously this report will produce an output roughly @ 7.30am daily. The SPM Team will then disseminate the reports to all the sales outlets as early as possible.
  3. However, I’ve received several complaints from the SPM Team saying that the report could no longer be retrieved @7.30am daily.
  4. The SPM Team mentioned that this issue was especially obvious since the ex-EON dealers started to access the SAP Dealer Portal.
  5. As at this point in time the report will only be ready in the spool at about 10.30-11am onwards.
  6. FYI, the attach report disseminated to all sales outlets actually contains yesterday’s information.

Appreciate everyone’s assistance to help rectify this performance issue as soon as possible.

Do let me know if you require further information.

Ps. If am not mistaken the SPM Reports were previously fine tuned based on the EWA Reports. Arfah, please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you all.

M.S replied to all :

Dear A.A,

I think we need to ask Axon team to fine tune this report. Can you do that? Please

A.A wrote :

Dear Geng,

Last week we recommend SPM team to look at e-vip report. Does e-vip rpt suits their requirement? If yes, we can block free stock report @ SAP & advice them to use e-vip rpt instead.

Thank you & Best Regards,


I.O forwarded :

Dear Team,

Any input? Please refer to my previous emails on e-VIP as an alternative.


[Me] replied :

How to do so? *tried to sound innocent and blur, as always

as fast as the wind,

I.O replied back :

Kami dh bagi pword & id kat M.RK & Az.A previously. M.RK please confirm.


M.RK forwarded this to [Me] :

Try use this.

The first idea to have to was only for EON branches to know the stocks level. However we need to really ensure the data is suitable..if not we have to use the sap reports.

Being her usual self, *note : she always do this out of the blue, when no one notice

I.O replied this :

Tau ah korang marah kat IT.. tapi... Aku x paham ah apa ko ckap suffian oii..

“to have to was only…” tulonnnn…

M.RK defended himself :

Aku cakap bahasa aku dah..!

I.O replied, politely :

Aaaa ok….

[Me] trying to stop from laughing uncontrollably, sent this :

Ok ok dah dah…

Dah run, dah save, but still have to ‘iron out a lot of wrinkles’ …..


I.O came up with :

Peghhhh aku lagi x paham bahasa mimi.. very da filosopikel .. hebatttt

M.RK tried hard to beat I.O sarcasm :

Iron out wrinkles tu mc image yg dipaparkan di atas..

I.O wrote back :

Ni lagi salah tapsir…

Mimi nanti klu dh selesai beritau ye outcome nye.


and, it stopped here. *for the time being, until I email back to her the outcome. Now, I'm off to lunch first. later mr.reporto....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aku sayang bangat sama kamu!

Hari minggu mama

...mop lantai
...basuh baju anak-anak
...basuh baju mama & papa
...kemas rumah
...tidurkan anak-anak
...sidai kain
...kemas dapur

Family Dinner : Bayou @ Alamanda

@bayou, alamanda
9 pax + 1 cute toddler + 1 super baby

 dessert pictures taken, because it was gone as soon as it arrive! mudcakes, creme caramel and hot choc cake..


Wahai anak-anak mama yang mama sangat sayangi,

kepada kakak, Sarah Imanina

...mama doakan kakak akan jadi role model yang baik buat adik

...mama doakan kakak akan jadi orang yang berguna kelak

...mama doakan kesejahteraan kakak sentiasa

..fahamilah, kerana mama sayang kakak

kepada adik, Shahaziq Iman

...mama doakan adik sentiasa akan menjaga dan menghormati kakak

...mama doakan adik sentiasa sihat

...mama doakan adik disayangi semua

kepada anak-anak mama & papa,

...sayangilah papa & mama, kerana kami sangat menyayangi mu

...jadilah orang yang berguna, utamakan Allah dari segala perkara lain

...sesungguhnya, kamulah cahaya hidup kami

Sarah Imanina binti Shahazrin
Shahaziq Iman bin Shahazrin

...kenapa mama macam emo jap ni?

Bila ...

12.44 pm Jom kuar lunch! Din, makan mana arini? Cargas~!!!!

1.48 pm dah masuk opis, ngadap blog (hehehe)...

2.15 pm okeh, dah puas...sambung wat report(s) ...zzzzz

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

k660i : dari klik si amatur

Foto amatur menggunakan SE k660i oleh Aiman
gambar tidak diedit.

setawun yang lalu

sedang mama membrowse pc mama ni, terjumpa lak satu gambar yang mama tak penah post kat mana-mana blog mama/anak-anak... hehehe. gambar ni masa mama baru sebulan lepas bersalin, kat airport tekek nak balik KeyELL.. gemoks mama masa tu ek.. ade 55kg kot..
sekarang dah kurus hei hei :D (nak menten, tapi ade jerk kat opis ni malaun-malaun yang duk offer makanan) - yanag paling mama suka sekarang, semua seluar mama sebelum kawen tu dah muat kembali... termasuk lah Levi's mama! yeay!!!! papa jeles taw..sebab Levi's dia dah arwah...(dah reput sebab kerap sangat pakai - levi's ori tuuuuuu..mama yang hadiahkan kat dia)

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